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Grimoire Walkthrough To Be Delayed For Few Days

We figured out what was wrong with that room in the Crusader Temple: it hadn’t been tagged as being a part of the super demo. This meant that entry into the room was impossible, despite being necessary for game progression. Cleve’s going to give me a version with this problem fixed, soon.


Grimoire Super Demo Walkthrough Part 1

Not the best quality, but here it is.

This is just the main menu.┬áThe frame rate drops substantially in-game, making it seem like I’m playing a Grimoire Game & Watch. Better than nothing, though.

I would like to thank all the people who are maintaining patience despite the long delay of Grimoire.

Super Happy Super Demo Beta Test Begin Now!

You heard that right, it’s begin now.

Cleve gave me version 1.33 or something or rather last night. Tooltips are functional and the game is running smoother than I’ve ever seen it before. Only consistent┬ávisual glitches we haven’t fixed yet are “milk shadows” and the weird clipping issue seen when turning next to a wall.

The nigh of the end being nigh is nigh!

I’ll be trying (really hard, I promise) to put up some gameplay soon. I’m a novice when it comes to recording, but Dad says he has a free copy of Camtasia he can give me.