The ancients believed that fate is only a word men use to describe that which is unseen, a force that overshadows all that mortals think and do.

They taught that destiny issued from out of the heart of a marvelous clock, a clock they called the “Metronome Mysterium,” the clock of fate.

The clock was said to be under the care of the Winged Exemplar, a white owl who serves as the emissary of greater powers in the universe.


It was believed that in the far ago age, the white owl had brought the clock a great distance  across time and space when the lands were in terrible conflict, in order to restore peace and harmony to the world.

Nobody has ever seen it, nor has any mortal ever discovered its hiding place. The clock was whispered to be somewhere deep in the earth, marking off time and chance, all the forces of nature regulated by the endless motion of its cosmic pendulum.


It was also taught by the prophets that someday, at the end of time, the clock would wind down. As the clock would slow and finally stop, all beauty, truth and light would give way to the dreadful era of anarchy, havoc, war and devastation that had existed in the forgotten past.

When the mainspring of the clock ground to a halt and was stilled, the world too would be silenced in a stifling pall of oblivion and darkness… forever.

Unless, of course, someone… somewhere, could find the clock…

…and wind it once again.

  1. I don’t even like videogames, but I have been following you/Grimoire via my husband. He pledged years ago for Grimoire but he likes the suspention so much, he still hopes you will suspend some more. I think he will be dissapointed when the waiting will be over. Although he really would like to play Grimoire. I am rooting for you Cleve!

  2. I’ve been interested in this game forever. I loved all the Wizardry games and was looking forward to Grimoire. Glad to see it is still in the works and hope it will be published soon.

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