Welcome to the Gallery! Here, you’ll find a wonderful selection of choice Grimoire screenshots.

NOTE: The screenshots seen here may not be as clear as in-game.

ANOTHER NOTE: The Gallery is malfunctioning at the moment. All the screenshots are still visible, the page is just scattered and my spicy little puns are no where to be seen on some pics. I’m working on fixing this problem.

The Grimoire Main Menu


The World Map





The Briarpatch Woods





In Grimoire, even mushrooms are monsters!





Froating Jerryfish.

Filled with Salty Worms

I didn't know that Isles were made of squares...










 New screenshots will be uploaded every now and then. Hope you enjoyed them!

  1. In fact, if you released the source the community could and would fix all of those nasty bugs and eliminate all workload for you.

  2. I’m really not trying to be mean or impatient, but it isn’t really a lot of effort to upload the beta to mediafire, it looks as if it’d only take up 200mb-1gb.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    • It brightens my day to see someone so enthusiastic to play Grimoire.

      We could easily upload the beta to mediafire, but Cleve has said that he isn’t really keen on any kind of public beta.
      And as for modifying the source, I fully agree, the game could be finished in about week. The problem is that a project like that would require a lot of supervision, and between his job, our fallout shelter, the operating system he built from scratch for the computer he built from scratch for the fallout shelter, and his iPhone game, Atomic Warfare (which, from what I’ve seen, may be finished in the very near future) Cleve is absolutely swamped. Any spare time he has, he either spends it with us (His family) or he moderates Vault-Co.

      I’m sorry if it sounds like I’m making excuses, but until we finish the game, this blog is the best we can do.

      I’ll be starting up on the blog again soon, but at the moment, I’m having too much fun playing Dark Souls.

  3. I don’t know when or even if this game will ever be completed, but should that day arrive while I’m still around, I’ll definitely be buying it! Keep up the good work!

  4. Cool! Keep ’em coming!

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