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Grimoire now available for purchase on the Steam store! Buy it now while it’s discounted!



The Steam Greenlight launch has been going splendidly. Out of the 3000+ games on Steam Greenlight, Grimoire has made it to #32. Outstanding. If you haven’t up-voted Grimoire on Greenlight yet, you can find it here:

Grimoire also has two Twitter feeds you can follow now:

Grimoire Feed:

Golden Baby:

Grimoire Now On Steam Greenlight

Why are you still reading this??? Go up-vote the crap out of out game, loyal fan base!!

Cleve Mentioned In Article

Steam Greenlight Imminent?

Well, you’ve heard it all before:

“Undoubtedly, Grimoire shall be released on the Xth of X.”

But with most of the major bugs remedied, Dad has informed me he plans to introduce Grimoire to Steam Greenlight on the *1st of May*. Regardless of when the game is actually released, the current state of the game appears highly-polished and acceptable for market. There seems to be two major things left that need to be addressed:

Projectiles not rendering correctly

Gaps in NPC dialogue/knowledge

Dad’s been having difficulty for a while now getting the projectiles to look right. The code he originally wrote for them is more than a decade old, and his younger self used a magic number system that is unfamiliar and nonsensical to him now. Once again, Cleve’s greatest enemy is Cleve.

Spread the word!


That’s the official number of how many bugs and implementations are left to tackle in Grimoire.

Dad (Cleve) is currently working on inserting ambient environmental effects into the game. Water dropplets falling into pools, monster eyes seen in the darkness. It’s cool.

We’ve been discussing which platform is best for initial publication. GOG is winning so far.