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Grimoire Introduction Video has over 1000 Hits!


That’s a thousand potential pledges for the Kickstarter.

Remember Bros, if you don’t pledge, you’ll never be able to get a physical, box-copy of Grimoire, only the digital version.

I noticed the number of dislikes on the video. Well…


All these Grimoire Videos…

Grimoire: Mindread Spell & The Green Mandarin

Grimoire : Quiddick Harbor & Simple Easter Egg

Grimoire : Cenotaph & The Bishop’s Hand

Grimoire : The Kraken

Grimoire : Rename, Dismiss, Sphinx Riddle

Grimoire : A Problem Solved By A Duck


The Kickstarter will be kickin’ off soon, sometime in September.

Are you ready to have your earballs blown?

Even More Grimoire Videos! Geez…

Grimoire: NPC Interaction & Recruitment

Yeah, Dig those moves, Orlock!

Grimoire: Auto-walking and Moongates

Grimoire: Character Advancement

Grimoire: Climbing Interface & Cultist

Grimoire: Faces of Death and The Black Lich

Grimoire: Living Harp & a Doomed Ghost Ship (Actually, If I remember correctly, that wasn’t the ghost ship, but don’t tell Cleve that!)

Grimoire: Combination Puzzle in the Tabernacle

Grimoire: Pits, Pressure Plates and Illusionary Walls

Grimoire: Divination and Location Spells

Grimoire: Item Workshop

Grimoire: Complex lever Puzzle

Grimoire: The Flaming Sword Caliburnus

And Even more videos are on the way!

A bunch of Grimoire Gameplay!

A slew of new Grimoire videos abound! Slew!

Grimoire: Lockpicking

Grimoire: Forcing a Door open

Grimoire: Riding a Turtle

Grimoire: Rhattu Mob

Grimoire: Automap

Spread the Word!

Grimoire : Introduction To Gameplay

Texas Arcane has uploaded some sample gameplay footage on YouTube for Grimoire!!!