Nine Tablets

In The Shrine of the Raptor, our heroes found nine inscriptions on the walls, each one describing a tablet they would have to acquire in order to succeed in their quest. They are as follows:

“Mine talon sets word in prose to say, Nine tabula writ I to lead the way. The first of time and entropy is held secure by aerial lofted key. I writ thee… Lachesis.”

“Within the depths of the Ziggurat, this tablet in shadow resquiat. To retrieve it thou shalt expiate, the beast who feasts on sins he ate. I writ thee… Nemesis.”

“Amidst recess of arboreal den, guarded by his woodland ken, the Mighty Wicker rests his throne, upon this puzzle etched in stone. I writ thee… Atropos.”

“A holy note in the great steeple, must disturb the hush of the people. The wall gives way to thunderous peal, and discloses the abode of my seal. I writ thee… Megaera.”

“This tablet is given to evil Queen. She dwells in darkness, sight unseen. Her fertility and offspring royal, shall hold my stone in safety loyal. I writ thee… Arachne.”

“Water dwellers preserve my tokens, a secret traced and never spoken. The emblems of the scaly clan, are drawn upon the burning sand. I writ thee… Scylla.”

“Gold Lady alone before the sea, the harp will sing this melody. Summon up through fathoms five, the kelpy chariot from deepest dive. I writ thee… Aurora.”

“”To demons I cast thee tablet mine, who trapped within the spike do pine. For freedom to rage upon the land, deferring not to mortal man. I writ thee… Thanatos.”

“I soared up on the highest wind, to find a ruler of serpents in. She doth guard my glyph to wait, the eggs of asps to incubate. I writ thee… Gorgon.”

What do these riddles mean!?


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