Grimoire Walkthrough To Be Delayed For Few Days

We figured out what was wrong with that room in the Crusader Temple: it hadn’t been tagged as being a part of the super demo. This meant that entry into the room was impossible, despite being necessary for game progression. Cleve’s going to give me a version with this problem fixed, soon.

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About grimdarkly

Not much I can say about myself. I am fond of reading and writing, and I aspire to one day be a famous author. I've been writing a book for the past year and a half. It currently is 130 pages long and is still in the draft phase. It's a three-part epic set over thousands of years, with commentaries on freedom and human nature. Much like my father, Cleve Blakemore, I am a perfectionist, so I hope that doesn't stop me from finishing it. I am fascinated by watches, women and intense philosophical discussion (though, I find many people lack the cognitive stamina to have long, serious conversations about abstract subjects). Often times, for the sake of other people, I have to feign stupidity. Many of them become perturbed if I speak with them like I speak with myself. I am a devout Christian and I believe that the teachings of Christ are a nutritious broth that has everything a human being needs: a sense of community, a code of ethics and best of all, the feeling that there is more to life than just living and dying, that there is life after death and there is hope. Jesus Christ is truly chicken soup for the soul.

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  1. Cooper. I see on your YT page, you are a big Magic fan. Are you thinking of giving Hex a try? Wondering what your opinion on it was. Also please put out another walkthrough. Been like 3 weeks now.

    • What is “Hex”? Do you mean “Hexen”, or “Hexproof”?

      Also, your simple comment reminded me how much time has past since the last video. Pat yourself on the back for getting me off my ass. I just uploaded a new video.

  2. hello, i have a problem with the demo:

    when i enter the inventory my mouse became crazy and i’m not more able to control it…a total wandering arrow….is there any solution?thx a nd regrds

    • I am unfamiliar with this bug, but I’ll ask dad if he’s familiar with it. What operating system do you have? We’re you running any other programs when playing the demo?

  3. Mark James Harris

    How can I join the team? I am an original beta tester from way back when Cleve first released a beta version (1992?) and I would like to be one again.

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