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Beyond the Sea: Part Two

After having sailed across the sea…

The deck is lined with barf and spilled rum.

…fought their way through the Bahomet Megalith…

My darling Serpentine...

…and ascended BlackSpike Mountain, our heroes…


…had finally arrived at the Lair of the White Owl!

“Have you guys noticed our food bars never go down?”

“So, that’s what that bar is! I thought “FOO” was some kind of super attack bar.” Exclaimed Chuck.

“This isn’t Street Fighter, Chuck.” Said Nander Gruff. “We don’t have any of that faggotry in this game!”

“Quiet! We’re finally here!”

Que dramatic chanting music...

“He has a giant statue of himself on his fortress… not very humble.”


“Greetings, Winged Exemplar!” They all shouted, in perfect unison.

“You have traveled very far, overcoming many trials and traps I had left for you. You are indeed the ones who will save us.”

“Please”, started The Beholder. “Help us.”

“Of course, I’ve created four magic relics to give you AIDS… sorry, aid you, on your quest.”

He shows them a cube, a cone, a pyramid and a sphere.

“You may only choose one. Choose wisely, Heralds.”

Of course, the Heralds found an enormous bug, allowing them to take all four relics, multiple times. They even went so far as to sell the excess relics back to The Winged Exemplar for profit.

“You’ve chosen, wisely. That ONE relic you took will aid you greatly. To continue your quest, you’ll have to descend into the bowels of BlackSpike fighting your way through the N-Space Grid to the room that contains the clock, the Metronome Mysterium. You’ll then have to wind it. Then, assuming nothing goes wrong (and something always goes wrong) everything will be right again.

Without saying another word, our heroes bowed to The Winged Exemplar and departed. As they left, the owl said one last thing to them.

“Adventurers, while you’re out, can you get me a quart of milk and a pack of jelly beans?”



New Computer, Old Problem

Greetings, Grim Blog!

You want the bad news or the good news first?

Good News: Due to a sale and store credit, I recently traded in my old, crappy machine for a top of the line Power Box. My old computer hampered my Beta progress greatly, as it crashed every ten seconds. The new one, ironically (in which way, I’m not sure), is more powerful then CLEVE’S Computer.

Bad News: Because it is a much newer model than that stone-age, El Diablo possessed Samsung laptop, it isn’t a 32-Bit device. For those of you late to the party, Grimoire experiences crashes after start up on 64-Bit PCs. Cleve has set to work and will fix this problem shortly.

I’m kind of impatient, because the part of Grimoire I had last got up to was really good. I had fought my way through the N-Space Grid and had traveled to Jumpad Central, a Nexus that allows you to teleport to a bunch of cool areas.

I’ll put up a post of N-Space soon.

Here’s a teaser:

Demons, Aliens, Dragons, Pirates... What kind of deranged RPG is this!?