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12 Minutes To Midknight

Which is to say there are twelve big bugs left to be fixed before you’ll be able to play Grimoire and adventure through one of the game’s numerous zones, The Gardens of Midknight.

Clevon says these bugs are some of the toughest and baddest in the whole game, else, they wouldn’t still be remaining.

But the incline is strong in this one.


22 Bugs Left! Home Stretch!

Yuk, yuk! The game is being finished at a frighteningly fabulous rate.


Also, Archie is dead.



35 Bugs Left! Spread The Word!

The number of bugs in Grimoire is decreasing. If you’ll lower your eyeballs a few degrees, you’ll see that the previous post had the number at 69. Progress is being made. Just slowly.

Thanks to all of you who have maintained patience and a cool head. We thank you for your continued patronage and support of the game, doubly so to those who have contributed on Indiegogo.

Final Grimoire Beta To Begin After Laptop Repaired

Laptop decided to die for no reason.

Sending it to company to be repaired.

I will begin my final walkthough of Grimoire when it comes back. The purpose of this walkthrough is to discover any bugs that may prevent the game from being finished without cheatcodes. Gamebreakers, basically.

Chaos Begets Progression… unless your laptop stops working.



Grimoire Update

I thought I would just share my thoughts on the current state of the game, and how close it is to completion, etc.

The game is running smoother than it ever has before, though, I suppose that it to be expected in later builds of the game.

The combat is extremely smooth. I have found myself, previously unenthused at the idea of doing another Grimoire walkthrough/beta test, having a tremendous amount of fun. The combat in Grimoire, admittedly, really needed a lot of work. It wasn’t fun. Many of the bugs, glitches and imbalances that plagued early builds of the game have now been eradicated. Combat is often quick, rewarding, but also challenging. Really, I can’t stress enough how good the combat is in the most recent build. Little tweaks to enemy armour classes and such can actually have a huge impact on the atmosphere and enjoyment level of the game. I now find myself more immersed and not perturbed by the idea of “Wandering Monsters: On”.

Furthermore, regarding game crashes, I have only experienced three crashes through out my entire playthrough, and these crashes were in an older build of the super demo. Considering the length and complexity of Grimoire, I find this crash to playtime ratio to be very acceptable.

I also no longer experience in-game lag or other visual issues.

I have found a few bugs, and most of these are easily remedied. These are little things, like enemies not landing their special attacks, and a small glitch that occurs when merging items sometimes, which results in a lower quantity than was started with.

Most of the major bugs that need to be fixed are present in the later portions of the game. I have not encountered any enormous bugs in the super demo so far.

Most bugs are to do with incorrect logic. Things like an NPC not responding as they should, broken scenarios, etc.

The current build of the game is looking really good. At the state it’s in, I personally think it is good enough to be released. It at least looks better than half the games on Steam Greenlight.

I could be wrong, there could be some big bugs I’m not aware of, but from what I can see, things are looking really fantastic. If Cleve wasn’t such a perfectionist, I’m sure it would be out by now.

We thank you for your continued patience and support of Grimoire.

Have a nice day.


Grimoire Walkthrough To Be Resumed

I’m back to making videos. Certain areas necessary for progression were blocked off. Dad fixed this problem and gave me a new version of the demo.

Latest version of the super demo is noticeably better. Character Creation has been optimized, and early game monsters have all had their Armour Class reduced, leading to significantly smoother combat all around.


Grimoire’s Release to be Delayed

Cleve still trying to get tool-tips running. Expect the super-demo soon to sate your hungers.


Neanderthals hard at work here.

Neanderthals hard at work here.

Grimoire Demo: El Grande Edition

This is by far the smoothest version of the demo. Zero crashes on my 64-bit machine or dad’s (Cleve’s) 32-bit machine.

Demo contains the Briarpatch Woods, Shrine of the Raptor and Aquavia, the first dungeon in the game.

The amount of content in the demo is only about 0.50% of the actual game’s size.

Grimoire Public Test Demo Avaliable Now

Get it here:

Yes, we know its buggy. Find RPG Codex thread below. Lot’s of good support in that thread for getting the demo to run smoother and crash less:

Some people have said it runs better if you launch it as an admin.



64-Bit Bug Finally Solved!

For those of you who don’t understand what that means, let me explain the problems this (bastard) bug has caused:

1. Interruption of my personal Grimoire beta-test by over a year

2. Countless hours wasted in an attempt to fix said bug (Hours that could have been spent polishing the game)

3.  Single-handedly delaying the release of the Grimoire demo by weeks (Sorry guys… but hey, now that the bug’s fixed, the demo should be right around the corner)

4. General madness in Cleve

Basically, bros… bad bug was squished.

Although the bug has driven to Cleve to rabid insanity, frothing at the mouth and what-not (He’s now kept in the dark, dank dungeon, where he’s fed scraps of raw meat and forced to work on Grimoire all day) Cleve was not the conqueror of the bug. That honor goes to Shams.

Ahem, allow me to change my allegiance.