35 Bugs Left! Spread The Word!

The number of bugs in Grimoire is decreasing. If you’ll lower your eyeballs a few degrees, you’ll see that the previous post had the number at 69. Progress is being made. Just slowly.

Thanks to all of you who have maintained patience and a cool head. We thank you for your continued patronage and support of the game, doubly so to those who have contributed on Indiegogo.

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About grimdarkly

Not much I can say about myself. I am fond of reading and writing, and I aspire to one day be a famous author. I've been writing a book for the past year and a half. It currently is 130 pages long and is still in the draft phase. It's a three-part epic set over thousands of years, with commentaries on freedom and human nature. Much like my father, Cleve Blakemore, I am a perfectionist, so I hope that doesn't stop me from finishing it. I am fascinated by watches, women and intense philosophical discussion (though, I find many people lack the cognitive stamina to have long, serious conversations about abstract subjects). Often times, for the sake of other people, I have to feign stupidity. Many of them become perturbed if I speak with them like I speak with myself. I am a devout Christian and I believe that the teachings of Christ are a nutritious broth that has everything a human being needs: a sense of community, a code of ethics and best of all, the feeling that there is more to life than just living and dying, that there is life after death and there is hope. Jesus Christ is truly chicken soup for the soul.

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  1. Have you talked to your Dad about calling the game Cleveland Mark Blakemore’s Grimoire or Cleveland Mark Blakemore Presents Grimoire? Then maybe under that have Chapter 1: Heralds of the Winged Exemplar like it is the beginning of a great epic, since Cleve basically confirmed Grimoire 2 will be made.

    Thanks as always for holding down the fort Cooper. Also do you have an ETA of when the final pledgedrive on indiegogo will be? Getting all my ducks in a row money wise and don’t want to miss out on it.

  2. Keep up the good work, fellow.
    I hope your game will be avaliable at Steam.

  3. The flying golden baby… what IS that?

  4. You guys keep it up. Robert Sirotek and his goons of decline are going to learn that you ALWAYS bet on Neanderthal.

    P.S. Are you excited for Magic 2015 Cooper?

    • I adore Magic but it’s just too expensive to buy the physical cards. It cost me about three hundred dollars just to get 75% of the 2014 Core Set. And Theros blows.

      Duels of the Planeswalkers is probably the smartest and cheapest way to play Magic but my friends tell me that this year’s version is crap. I’ll still probably end up buying it.

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