Grimoire Walkthrough To Be Resumed

I’m back to making videos. Certain areas necessary for progression were blocked off. Dad fixed this problem and gave me a new version of the demo.

Latest version of the super demo is noticeably better. Character Creation has been optimized, and early game monsters have all had their Armour Class reduced, leading to significantly smoother combat all around.



About grimdarkly

Name's Cooper. I'm an Advertising student, and I'm also a devout Christian that despises dishonesty. See the cognitive dissonance? I enjoy placing words in interesting formations. If not an advertising copywriter, I am certain I will find another word-based career. I enjoy playing DOTA 2, doing Christian stuff, not exercising, and designing adventures for my friends as a D&D Dungeon Master. Evidently, I'm also good at quickly coming up with "raps". Quality of said raps is debatable.

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  1. Have been playing the Super Demo for the past few days and am impressed.

    No major fails on Win7x64, and all playability issues present in the earlier demo seem to have been addressed; thanks guys!

    Tiny bugs exist, such as being able to equip a secondary weapon when you already have a two handed item as primary, and being able to use short range weapons from the rear, but nothing that results in a desktop crash or lockup.

    Wearing “all of the hats” from conception, to coding, to testing, to utilizing it as every type of conceivable user, to trying to break it any way you can, and then trying to market it is no picnic, but seems to have been handled quite well by your team.

    Best of luck with your continued development, and hope that you “Golden Baby” is well received by the marketplace, bringing commercial and economic success to all those involved.

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