Pledger Program Imminent

Don’t worry guys. I sat down with the Cleve the other day. I asked him if he could get started on the pledger response program.

Now three weeks later, the program is surely near completion.

Here’s a mock-up of the pledger letter we intend to send out:





Greetings, Loyal Pledger to the Grimoire Crowd-Funding Campaign.

This is Cooper Blakemore, Son of Cleve the Neanderthal.

Based on the amount of money you have pledged, you are entitled to your very own piece of content in Grimoire. This may be an item, an NPC, or a Tomb Plaque.

You will describe the content in detail, and we will adapt it as best we can to become an entity in the game. Understand, that the more simplistic and reasonable your content request is, the more likely it will be processed into the game in the exact form you specified. If the piece of content is simply undoable, unrealistic or would take far too long to implement, we will request a second time for your custom content idea. If you continue to jerk us around after that, we may refuse your item entirely.

An example of a good piece of content is:

“I want a powerful sword with a chance to jellify enemies. I expect this to be accomplished by the sword having a spell like “Touch of Death”, and the in-game text saying “X was Jellified!” as opposed to “X was Insta-killed!” The sword should have a kind of bizarre, alien like appearance to it. It should be found in a really strange place, possibly some kind of inter-dimensional type zone.”

That is a more than doable request. Here’s an example of a bad request:


Some basic requirements your content must follow:

  • Content must not be lewd (No penile-shaped swords of Rockskin)
  • Content must be reasonable, in the sense that it wouldn’t take more than a few minutes to create and insert into the game
  • Content must draw on assets already in the game (The asset library is quite expansive, though)
  • Content must not infringe on any copyright laws
  • Common sense should be used when designing content

Examples of good pieces of content would be things like:

X1 Anti-Matter Handcannon (Unique ranged weapon, with rare ammo and a chance of insta-kill)

Wop-Pop’s Staff of Self-Transformation (Polymorph Self: Turn into an animal)

Shield of The Last Warrior (Shield that gives you a bonus to the Destiny skill, increasing your chance to survive otherwise fatal attacks)

Below is a picture of the Grimoire stats screen. Observe the attributes on the left side of the screenshot.

Grimoire - Cleve's 7th Level Stats

Attributes include:

Intelligence, Wisdom, Will, Strength, Constitution, Speed, Agility, Fellowship, Devotion, Met (Metabolism?) and Destiny.

Resistances include:

System, Death, Sor, Sonic, Mental, Mesmerize, Illumination, Toxicity, Fire, Cold, Air, Aqua, Earth, Caustic, Galvanization and Paralysis.

Conditions include:

Unc, Sleep, Silence, Fear, Con, Irritation, Ber, Nausea, Bli, Cur, Poisoned, Cha, Diseased, Ins, Petrified and Paralysed.

Some spells include:

Sleep, Fireball, Knock-Knock, Light, Chilling Touch, Polymorph, Touch of Death, Death Wish, Destroying Vortex, Timestop, Rainbow Ray, Identify, Divination, Wizard’s Eye, Locate Item, Water & Firewalking, Teleport, Cosmic Gate, Crushing Hand, Insect Swarm, Poison, Magic Missile, Bless, WitchHex, Refresh, Wither, Featherfall, Cone of Cold, Silence, Bubble of Air Protection, Bubble of Sonic Protection, Magic Mirror, Leaping Sparks, Firestorm, Earthquake, Death Cloud, Deep Freeze, Heal Wounds, Heal Conditions, Flesh to Stone, Stone to Flesh, Spiderscale, Direction, Charm, Dread, Blister, Solar Flare and many more.

About grimdarkly

Not much I can say about myself. I am fond of reading and writing, and I aspire to one day be a famous author. I've been writing a book for the past year and a half. It currently is 130 pages long and is still in the draft phase. It's a three-part epic set over thousands of years, with commentaries on freedom and human nature. Much like my father, Cleve Blakemore, I am a perfectionist, so I hope that doesn't stop me from finishing it. I am fascinated by watches, women and intense philosophical discussion (though, I find many people lack the cognitive stamina to have long, serious conversations about abstract subjects). Often times, for the sake of other people, I have to feign stupidity. Many of them become perturbed if I speak with them like I speak with myself. I am a devout Christian and I believe that the teachings of Christ are a nutritious broth that has everything a human being needs: a sense of community, a code of ethics and best of all, the feeling that there is more to life than just living and dying, that there is life after death and there is hope. Jesus Christ is truly chicken soup for the soul.

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  1. Any pledge options left? I followed progress of this game until somewhere around 2010 and just thought about checking in!

  2. Give Cleve a little kick in the butt, please.

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