Grimoire Public Test Demo Avaliable Now

Get it here:

Yes, we know its buggy. Find RPG Codex thread below. Lot’s of good support in that thread for getting the demo to run smoother and crash less:

Some people have said it runs better if you launch it as an admin.




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  1. Actually the demo runs fine on my WIn7 64 box *in XP compatibility mode* with just very occasional random crashes in hours of play. The only problem is that the mouse gets lost in the character stats screen (and the music glitches), which doesn’t happen in Win64 native mode so I exit and startup in native if I really want to look at this, but also the game hasn’t crashed here, you can exit the screen by tabbing through the UI controls and pressing enter when the Exit button gets the focus.

    Interestingly (in XP compatibility mode), when a character levels the game automatically brings up the character screen and it works (with still a few music glitches). That suggests that this mouse problem might be fixable – i.e. the state on initiation of the window must be different when you level up than when you access the screen whilst exploring.

    Anyway, I sort of get the feeling that it’s pretty close to working, but when you’re stuck tearing your hair out with a hard to find bug, that’s probably little consolation.

    I think a lot of people will like this game.

  2. With obsessive saves I managed to get a good play through up to the Goromu(?) boss. Unfortunately I am having the same crippling crashes on Vista 64, usually at monster encounters. Having a dose of the Incline right in front of me and not being able to fully enjoy it is torturous! 😀

    • Hey, I know the feeling. These crashes are just as frustrating for me and Cleve as you guys. Did you beat Shiva-Han-Goromu?

      • I didn’t beat him. I kinda bumbled into him without having explored Aquavia properly. I’ve seen some posts indicating that I have missed some equipment and that there is perhaps a non-combat solution. I started anew with the second demo release, fooling around with character creation. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem any more stable on my system. It is very erratic. Sometimes I can play a good half hour, battling, exploring, interacting and then … wham!

        I really like what I’ve seen so far. The art is good. The character portraits, dungeon sets and bosses are especially fantastic. There is a great sense of exploration. Having read a good part of RPGCodex’s list of why humanity must despise Cleve, I can say that seeing the development of the story intrigues me in a personal way and to an extent unlike any other game.

        I hope you guys are able to resolve the OS issues soon! Upon that event I will certainly be contributing to the campaign for some sweet, tangible ( I MUST have the manual in-hand as I play! 😀 ) Grimoire swag!

      • If you’re still interested in fighting him, I’ll give you a super secret tip, cause I like you, guy.

        Just before you’re about to fight Shiva-Han, there is a nearby secret room that contains his heart in a jar. Use this jar during the fight to instantly take off half his health. I can’t remember exactly how you get in the room, but’s its almost immediately before you fight him, behind you when facing into his lair.

  3. g00d Evening Mr B
    Firstly let me say I’m a fell0w Aussie RPGer in Melb0urne and my fav0rite c0mm0d0re 64 game was druid then I played Eye 0f the beh0lder and it changed my live f0rever the escapism fr0m life was exactly what I needed and apart fr0m Black Crypt I never felt a dunge0n crawler calling me until n0w I will sh0rtly plege my hard earned c0in t0 y0ur Grimoire and I bid U all the best in getting funding f0r y0ur dunge0n crawler with s0ul……… n0mad

  4. Hi.
    I have installed Demo v1.2. The game is unplayable. It crashes after several minutes of playing, usually at the beginning of a battle.
    I run it on Vista Home Basic x64. Tryed different configs: XP compatibility, Administrator rights, Disabling Desktop Composition and Visual Styles. Tried to assign it to only one core. Nothing helped.

    I can send you crash dump and hardware info if these can help.

    • This is the main problem at the moment, getting the game to run on all these different systems. Some people have said the game runs flawlessly on their machines, others have been having your problem.

  5. About the demo, does the oracle that identifies items for you ever recharge, or when it’s finally drained does it stay that way forever? Also, it would be nice if when you dismissed a character they would be placed back in the library rather than being lost for ever and also maybe allow the game to add characters from the library? This way when you recruit an NPC you will be able to still have your old characters to join you if you decide you want them back at a later time. Dismissing NPCs should return them to where the player first recruited them rather than placing them in the library.

  6. Hi,

    The demo is quite nice and runs flawlessly on Win XP3. Good work, game has atmosphere and can pull the gamer in. The dungeon wall graphics are especially nice, kudos to the artist. Character creation is also good and full of detail.

    I would even buy it if:

    All micro-sized fonts would be enlarged everywhere, like the character screen.

    When battling: the RED font on black background would be changed to blue or to something less eye-killing color mix.

    Good job overall!

    • When you say you got the game to run flawlessly, you mean you played it for at least ten minutes without a crash or lock-up? No crashes even in the library?

      If that’s the case, could you please post exactly what you did on the RPG Codex forums? I’d really appreciate it. There’s a link to it in my most recent post.

      I’m wondering if we’d have to release some kind of emulator for Grimoire to run on most machines.

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