Shams Upgrades Grimoire To Look Like Crysis

I’m still bedazzled by what I just saw!

Quite honestly, the most incredible feat of programming I’ve ever seen! Grimoire already had fantastic Art assets, now the game looks like Grimrock! (Arguably, even better!)!!!!

Alright, now that I’ve calmed down a bit, let me start from the beginning.

As we promised, we’ve been hard at work at updating the resolution for Grimoire. The game does look a bit better with a larger screen size and viewport, but it’s not a mind-blowing change.

But Shams, who speaks with actions, not words, has shown his technical prowess by upgrading the rendering of the environment.


Just Wow!

I’m not sure exactly what he did, as I have minimal programming experience (Does SmallBasic count?), but whatever he did, he made the game look amazing. I’m talking Xbox popamole graphics here. Makes Heavy Rain look like Pac-man.

Anyone who has ever complained about any aspect of Grimoire’s visuals is about to choke on their sandwich.

I’m sure Cleve will put up footage of the upgrades soon. It will blow you away when you see it.


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Name's Cooper. I'm an Advertising student, and I'm also a devout Christian that despises dishonesty. See the cognitive dissonance? I enjoy placing words in interesting formations. If not an advertising copywriter, I am certain I will find another word-based career. I enjoy playing DOTA 2, doing Christian stuff, not exercising, and designing adventures for my friends as a D&D Dungeon Master. Evidently, I'm also good at quickly coming up with "raps". Quality of said raps is debatable.

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  1. I had a question for Cleve if it could be passed on to him. He said he was in possession of some pretty nasty utilities that could be used if need be. Has he ever thought of putting some Doomsday code into the retail version of Grimoire to fry any data accessed by getting around the DRM. In this age where people are sucking up to pirates that steal their work, I know Cleve’s moral compass will always point due north and he should give anyone who tries to steal his work a taste of Neanderthal justice.

  2. After reading Cleve’s interview on the RPG codex where he says modern game design is drivel… How does he feel about Grimrock?

    I’ve only just been introduced to the concept of the man so perhaps this has already been answered somewhere. If so, I offer my apologies.

    Also, I just wanted to say that the graphics and sprite work I’ve seen of Grimoire so far has been the strongest selling point for me. It is truly marvelous. 😀

    • We’ve talked about this once or twice.

      We both agree that although Grimrock is visually stunning, it really isn’t a true dungeon crawler. The combat is real-time, the puzzles aren’t that complex and NPC Interaction is practically Null.

      I see Grimoire as a game where although the art assets are beautiful, they really just act as a vessel for the gameplay, where there is typically multiple solutions to every problem and players can progress through the game anyway they choose.

      This is one of the reasons that balancing is so important in a game like Grimoire. We want people to have as much fun playing a thamaturge as a necromancer, and to do that, we need to make sure they are both viable character classes.

  3. Warren Donchaneedtoknow

    What strikes me in the noggin’ as funny is the naysayers will buy this game. Hence my loudly proclaimed Neanderthal-like Hah!

  4. Cleve should really do something for GameBanshee. Today I saw like the 4th article on the site. Also someone there gave 100 bucks to your pledge and they have always been pretty positive and respectful which is pretty rare for most of these sites. Here was the latest they put.

    You probably got a lot of stuff to do in your normal life but you should post more on here. We want to hear from Son of Cleve as well.

  5. I don’t believe the new screen resolution is the change that GrimDarkly is talking about. I think there is something else still in the works.

  6. You’ve clearly inherited Cleve’s propensity for hyperbole 🙂

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