Grimoire Introduction Video has over 1000 Hits!


That’s a thousand potential pledges for the Kickstarter.

Remember Bros, if you don’t pledge, you’ll never be able to get a physical, box-copy of Grimoire, only the digital version.

I noticed the number of dislikes on the video. Well…


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Name's Cooper. I'm an Advertising student, and I'm also a devout Christian that despises dishonesty. See the cognitive dissonance? I enjoy placing words in interesting formations. If not an advertising copywriter, I am certain I will find another word-based career. I enjoy playing DOTA 2, doing Christian stuff, not exercising, and designing adventures for my friends as a D&D Dungeon Master. Evidently, I'm also good at quickly coming up with "raps". Quality of said raps is debatable.

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  1. Rulph of Ralphia

    Seriously if this is a hoax it is better than anything by Andy Kaufman.

    If it is real I will be donating.

  2. Having read a lot of Cleve’s postings over the years, I am inclined to contribute, but I do have some questions

    1) he mentioned on the codex thread looking at a goal of 250K. You mention here a thousand potential contributors, based on views of the video. Does Cleve seriously expect average donations of $250 per viewer? I mean, I _might_ be persuaded to go that high, but only with some guarantees that are not entirely under Cleve’s procrastination-vulnerable control, such as:
    2) I see IndieGoGo has two types of funding methods, Fixed and Flexible. If a project is Flexible, then all contributed money is kept even if the goal is not met; if Fixed, all contributed money is returned if the goal is not met. Which is the plan here? Under Fixed I’d be more comfortable pledging more, but I can also imagine Cleve saying “well obviously there’s not enough interest from the mouthbreathers, I’ll go build a thorium nuclear reactor in my back yard instead” if the goal isn’t met and seeing the game delayed another howevermany years.

    • I am not sure what the payment system is at the moment.

      Keep in mind though, any donation over $150 will start earning you really sick prizes. Does your own custom item or NPC in the game sweeten the deal?

      $2500 earns you your own monster. No Penisaurs, Please!

  3. Richard the Lion Heart

    Looks like a great looking game Mr Tex. Just from watching your videos, I can see how much love went into it.

  4. I gotta say- After following this game for some time (literally almost a decade) and hearing how it was going to be done “next month” and was 95% (sometimes 90% sometimes 97%) and then never hearing anything again- I am of the opinion now that this is all an epic trolling scheme.

    Folks have said this for years and I never believed it- But after Cleves appearance on the codex promising a zombie game in THAT YEAR and the completion of the last 3% of Grimoire- And now THIS…

    Anyhow, if this is really for real this time (like REALLY- Because I know Cleve has insisted it was really, really real every other time too)- Then cool. I think this will be a fantastic game by a fantastic and entertaining game maker with a plethora of good ideals… If this has been one long Troll- cool as well because it really is funny to watch everyone get worked up about this game everytime it really, really is coming soon – And watching the codex get trolled is never a bad thing.

    So good sir- I hope this is really , really , really for real (this time- really) because I anticipate a game of epicness. If not, I will enjoy watching the fallout once again on the codex.

    • I want to add (and absent of an edit button I will reply to myself) That I am not in any way trying to be rude by my above comment.

      Personally, I think Cleve is intelligent, well researched (I have read “not by fire but by ice” and think Global Warming is a scam as well) talented and freaking hilarious to boot. I have never seen such an eccentric and interesting personality in game development.

      Although as I stated- I am leaning towards this whole thing being an epic troll- That said, even if this is the case it (like Cleve) is done RIGHT.

      I dont give a shit if you print my comment or not- If this were to really go through I would pre order this game or whatever the hell- Seriously. I have immensely enjoyed watching this game hype everyone so much (myself included) and Cleve is the only developer I have ever googled their name to actually read all the drama-

      -Anyhow, lots of respect.

      • Thank you for submiting your comment in intelligent form, instead of the typical:

        “Cleve! Hey, Hey mang, I’m talking to you! … your game sucks!”

        At this point, its an accidental epic troll. I’ve played the game my self (I was 75% though last time I played) ,and the only thing stopping Cleve from finishing it is a day-job, motivation, and money to fund said unemployment and hire a computer programmer to help him knock out the last few issues (Shamgar?).

        A few people have been getting upset over the delay of the Kickstarter. Its totally understandable. However, launching a Kickstarter (On Indiegogo now) is a huge undertaking, especially for one man. However, progress is being made. Check out these milestone images on the RPG Codex:

        You must Believe!

    • I can’t really blame you. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

      People shouldn’t doubt whether Grimoire really exists or not. It does, and with a few cheat codes and item number lists, its totally playble from beginning to end. Doubting its completion though… its another story.

      That’s why we feel a Kickstarter is the only way.

  5. Goodness, looks like Brenda has beaten you guys to the punch.

    • Gotta say, I’m excited to play this game!

      (Neck Snapped)

      Cooper Clone: Grimoire is king! There is not greater game in any aspect! ALL HAIL GRIMOIRE!

    • The gauntlet is now down. Who do you think is going to publish first?

      I’ll probably play both, just trying to stir things up ;).

      • We’re not worried. The game isn’t even in development yet. This is a game being made by two people who have no experience with RPGs (Brenda would claim otherwise), and had to receive over $100,000 in donations before they could even start this “amazing” game.

        Grimoire, on the other hand, is 95% finished, and has been worked on by a man who saw Penisaur. The odds are in our favour.

        Besides, there’s no reason why people won’t buy both.

      • I plan to buy both, although I don’t like Indiegogo. I don’t like the idea of the developer not having to plan ahead and think thoroughly about the minimum amount of $ they need to finish, and that I may end up sending money to someone, but not enough for them to finish the project. At this point, I think it all depends on how it’s presented and accepted.

      • I’m not sure exactly how Cleve will be handling the donations. I don’t want to falsely reassure you.

        I can tell you though, that the prizes, the milestone rewards, are awesome. For the low, low price of $150, you can get the game, colour-map, hint guide and manual, and, your own custom designed item in the game.

  6. Sorry you are getting some of the negativity. Cleve has said a lot of very racist and negative things on the Internet over the past 10-15 years. And mid-1980s style graphics are not going to elicit positive reactions from everyone. I enjoy your blog though – good work.

    • If you don’t have free speech on the internet, then where do you have free speech?

      Also, you’re about a year overdue. Most of the negativity Grim Blog has received was at the start. Most people give me positive feedback now. Thank you for your support though.

  7. Hey there. It’s October. Where’s the Kickstarter?

    • The Kickstarter is indeed close to completion. Last night, I watched over Cleve’s shoulder as he rendered images of the milestone prizes. (They’ve been uploaded to that hot RPG Codex thread, if you’re interested in seeing them)

      Cleve is indeed a procrastinator, but I expect it to be released in the next few days.

    • Just heard it from Cleve (As in, I didn’t know this until he told me), but apparently, the Australian version of Kickstarter doesn’t support Australian payment methods (Or something like that. Bottom Line: We can’t use it). It baffles me how they could launch the Australian version of their site without, umm, actually supporting Australia.

      Not to worry though, because we’ve already located another Kickstarter system, that supports Aussie payment methods. I think the site is called Indie-go-go or something with Indy in the title. This too, will delay the Kickstarter slightly, but we will initiate it soon.

      • Here’s a blog that explains a bit more about what you would have to do as an Aussie to put on a kickstarter project. You can probably do it cheaper, especially with a US partner, but it’s going to cost some $$ to incorporate, etc.

      • This is what everyone is misunderstanding. We don’t want to be linked to America in any way. We intend on using Indiegogo because it doesn’t require an American payment account or anything along those lines.

  8. There’s never been a better time to get the game out there. Indie games in general and old skool CRPGs in particular are enjoying a wave of popularity. There are a lot of other titles already out there, or coming out soon, but you can still ride the wave. Tell your old man to pull finger and release already.

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