In Response to RPG Codex…


This is about the reaction I expected…

Cleve’s son doesn’t exist, and if he does, he’s black…

He’s a “brain-washed little manboon”.

Cooper is the last “Starchild” who was not “devoured” by Cleve.

After reading these posts, I have no trouble seeing why my father has slowly slipped into insanity over the years. Any sane person who receives trolling of this calibre will have a hard time retaining a balanced psyche.

Don’t get me wrong, some of them were very creative trolls, and a few even made me chuckle.

The reason I put my youtube age as 31 is because, much like my father, I’m extremely paranoid and suspicious of everyone.

It really is quite a sad occurrence when someone spends a great deal of time and effort on a project, with almost no personal gain, and is rewarded with a barrage of cruel, unwarranted insults.

I find it humorous that you people think you can make fun of me and my father, when the majority of you are 49, live in your mothers’ basements, continuously eat hot-pockets and play World of Warcraft all day.

The funny thing is, no one actually said anything bad about the blog itself… makes you wonder what they actually found to insult me over…

Until you troglodytes learn some manners, you are not welcome on this blog.

Hater’s gonna hate, Troll’s gonna troll, Bob Dole’s gonna talk about Bob Dole…

Also, people at RPG Watch, I wasn’t really refering to you guys. Your posts were more just playful teases, instead of hurtful insults.

I’m going to keep writing on this blog for myself, and a small group of friends. Yes, unlike you guys, I have friends. REAL LIFE FRIENDS.


About grimdarkly

Name's Cooper. I'm an Advertising student, and I'm also a devout Christian that despises dishonesty. See the cognitive dissonance? I enjoy placing words in interesting formations. If not an advertising copywriter, I am certain I will find another word-based career. I enjoy playing DOTA 2, doing Christian stuff, not exercising, and designing adventures for my friends as a D&D Dungeon Master. Evidently, I'm also good at quickly coming up with "raps". Quality of said raps is debatable.

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  1. The Codex hates WoW.

  2. George Forester

    Their behaviour is untenable, to think that grown men would frequent that forum at all. If it weren’t so tragic, I would laugh. It reads more like an asylum of overdosed crack monkeys gifted typewriters than a site for mature, rational adults to seriously discuss old school RPGs. Atrocious!

    Having witnessed my own sire drift slowly off into the ravages of madness as a result of his persistent watching of the sensationalised news, I know well the anguish such activity inflicts upon an individual and his family. So I hope very much for your sake as well as his that your father is well. If I might ask, why does he persist in browsing that foul site when by your own words it is driving him to insanity? More importantly, why respond to their raving at all? Would it not be best to let their futile whines drift off without a sound into the pit of history?

    Regardless, being new to this blog, I’ve seen that you’ve kept a solid pace with your updates so far. Perhaps you could let slip something about Grimoire’s expected release? I look forward to reading more.

    ~George Forester

    • Thank you, George. You have the honour of being the first commenter on The Grim Blog.

      My father no longer strolls through the dirty, ghetto neighbourhood known as RPG Codex. He used to visit their forums frequently, but stopped. I’m guessing it used to be a great site for mature gamers to discuss RPGs, but now it’s full of weirdoes. The only reason he put a mention up there was to generate knowledge of this site. Now that we have it, I never want to go to that hellhole again.
      It’s often the case with forums: they start off with a great community and over the years, they get filled with trollers and sickos. Just hope it doesn’t happen here.

      I like feeding the trolls… otherwise, things get boring….

      As for the release date of Grimoire… I wouldn’t want to disappoint you by not meeting it… 🙂

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